Go Green with ad Modular

At ad Modular we are committed to offer ‘’sustainable and ‘GREEN’ modular buildings’’. Offsite modular building methods continue to lead the way forward for green building practices and sustainability. Modular construction is primarily more sustainable and cost-effective—than conventional construction. Precision manufacturing not only ensures cleaner construction and superior quality control, it minimises waste and enables us to meet your critical needs efficiently on an accelerated timeline.

ad Modular, incorporate our most innovative design methods by taking the environment and sustainable characteristics throughout our production design, delivery and onsite construction process. We offer a wide spectrum of energy efficient building materials within our design process, ranging from high level insulation systems, windows, doors, green roofs and many alternative submissions. We also incorporate a ‘state of the art’ in modern technology for Mechanical and Electrical design to help reduce your carbon footprint of your building.

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