GRP Specification

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AD Modular Limited        

G.R.P. Cabin Technical Specification



The roof is of cold deck construction type. The external finish is single layer Hypalon blanket bonded to an 18mm exterior grade roof deck on 120 x 38 roof joists @ 400mm centres. Ceiling lining is 12.7mm white vinyl faced Fire Check plasterboard. Insulation is 0.2mm Ecobrite foil. Rainwater disposal is by 63mm square section gutters. (U-Values 0.25)



Exterior – 1.5 mm Glass Reinforced Plastic bonded to high quality 3.6mm WBP exterior grade plywood this is bonded to 50mm Stiro foam, then 9mm of high quality WBP exterior grade plywood & the interior lining is 12.7mm vinyl faced Fire Check plasterboard, within this construction is the two steel supports of RHS 80 x 40 x 3mm section to form the panel wall. (U-Values 0.35)



2mm pure sheet vinyl bonded onto 18mm exterior grade plywood on 120 x 38mm softwood timber joists @ 400mm centres, bolted to 2 no steel ‘C’ section RSJ 150 x 80 x 8mm skids, two 80 x 80mm Steel RHS sections are bolted to the skids & the steel wall support sections. Floor is insulated with 0.2mm Ecobrite foil insulation. The complete construction is supported on 4 no adjustable steel RHS legs. (U-Values 0.25)



The unit in normal use is supported by 4no adjustable steel legs of RHS inner and outer sections which are bolted to the unit. There are 4 no 12 x 180mm steel brackets bolted through the roof section & the top of the steel wall support sections suitable for both lifting & double stacking.



The external doors are 1995 x 838 x 44mm steel door & frame set exterior doors hung on 3no 100mm stainless steel butt hinges and fitted with BS rated 5-lever lock sets and ‘D’ type handles. Other styles of doors are available as options.



1020 x 900mm uPVC framed Double glazed top opening vent windows are standard. 600 x 450mm & 900 x 450mm High level fully opening windows are used generally to toilet/shower areas.



The electrical installation is factory fitted and all cables concealed within the fabric of the unit for the lighting & surfaced mounted trunking for the heating & power outlets all wired in accordance with the current IEE regulation. Each unit is supplied with an IP65 rated external isolator & issued with an Electrical Installation Certificate.



All sanitary fittings are white vitreous china with white speed fit plastic pipe and capillary fittings. All installations are fitted with a service valve. Waste pipes are uPVC polypipe



The G.R.P. unit was designed & constructed with the regulations contained in paragraph 12.4 on page 7 of the fifth edition, Fire Prevention on Construction Sites, January 2000 in mind (nominal 30 mins fire resistance in to out with additional 0.7mm galvanised steel floor under drawing)


Body                                                   Grey BS 18-B-17

Facia                                                   Blue powder coated steel RAL 5002

Legs, Corner trims, etc                   Blue RAL 5002